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Staff Directory
Staff Directory

Below is a list of our staff, please click on the individuals name to send them an email.

Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten – Ms. Anna Percy & Mrs. Pam Gessner

Grade ½ -  Ms. Stacey Francis & Ms. Colleen Randall

Grade ¾ - Mrs. Diane Flynn

Grade 5/6 – Mr. Andy Simons

Special Education Resource Teacher – Mrs. Olivia Roberts

Norcare Section 23 – Ms. Bailey Palson

Transitions North – Mr. Mike Dean and Ms. Nicole Downey (EA)

Prep & Reading Intervention – Mr. Jacob Jeswiet

Ojibwe – Mrs. Lindsey Derouard

French – Mr. Brandon Woods

Education Assistants: Mrs. Ronalee Baker-Milne, Mrs. Shelley Houlden, Mrs. Cheryl Ricard, Mrs. Gayle Weyghant, Ms. Michelle Wilkie,

Library Tech – Mrs. Lorelei Devlin

Student Nutrition Provider – Mrs. Stacey Berube

Admin Assistant – Mrs. Sandie Carlson

Principal – Mrs. Heather Mutch

Bimose E.A. – Mr. Spencer Packo

Obashkaandaagaang E.A. – Mrs. Arlene McCaffrey